One of the most common concerns people approach me with is that they are not confident in posing for photos. Posing can be daunting for people who are not normally in front of a camera a lot. You spent money on a photographer and want to look good, but not sure what to do with your hands, where you should look, or how you should position yourself.

Here are a few tips I give to people who are uncomfortable posing in front of a camera.

Act like the camera is not even there

I know it seems a little corny and you're specifically there to have your photo taken, but the best way to capture you is in your normal element. While all the other tips are going against this first one, this is the most important. Do what feels natural to you and your photos will turn out great.

I’ll add to this one the fact that you should not always be staring at the photographer/camera. While you most likely will want a few looking directly ahead, most photos that people really like to have them looking at one another or off into the distance versus right at the camera.

Move slower than you normally do

While cameras can take really great photos of moving targets, the slower the object is moving, the easier the photos will be to capture, the less likely the photo will turn out poorly, and the more options you will have to choose from.

Let's say you are looking from the ground up to your partner’s face. If you did this at normal speed, it would take you half a second. Most cameras will get two, maybe three, photos taken during that time. Now if you did that same motion, but slowed it down to half speed or one full second. The photographer can get twice the number of photos in, which means twice the options, and much less chance of a blur or something being out of focus due to fast movement. Move naturally, but slowly.

Move a little bit all the time

Following on from the last one, you might assume that you should just not move at all will produce the best photo. No chance of blur, and the photographer can take their time. The challenge with not moving, having locked joints, and standing stiff is that it makes the photo feel staged and artificial. Always be moving a little, and slowly. It can be simple things like moving your hand slowly down your partner's arm or slightly tilting your head. It’s important to pair this idea with acting naturally and not overthink your movements. 

Laugh and have fun

Hopefully, you are not posing for a mugshot, so let this be fun. Smile, laugh, tell a joke (only slightly funny though, you don’t want people crying) or two. Along with the natural feeling, have fun with those in the photo with you. If I see everyone is feeling a little tense, I'll have everyone do a goofy, fun photo first to loosen everyone up and turn everyone’s faces into a smile.

As always, I will be there to help as your photographer. I will give you pointers and tips as I seeing them being needed. I will scout out where there are great photo locations and lighting conditions, and also remind you of these simple tips that will help your photos look amazing!