Detail shots are those that capture the little elements of your day that are otherwise forgotten. They are the close-ups that help you remember all of the little details that you put into planning your wedding. Some of the photos are captured throughout the day, but it can also be important to allocate some time to go around and capture these elements. If the wedding timeline is fast-paced, there might not be time to capture these elements.

Examples of these detail shots can be:


The rings are one of the most important elements of the day and are the symbol of your marriage for years to come. Getting close-up photos of the rings is great to share with others (and future generations!) who might have not been able to see your wedding in person. Getting the right photos done before the ceremony is recommended as you probably do not want to take them off after the ceremony.


Couples often spend a lot of time and money on their flowers which often don’t last past their wedding day. Photos are a way to remember your flowers and the beauty of your wedding day. I recommend taking these photos as early as possible before the flowers get damaged or start to wither throughout the day.

Dress & Shoes

The wedding dress and shoes are important elements any bride want to remember about their wedding day. Getting pictures of these are great ways to remember those details. Taking these detailed shots before the bride puts them on is recommended to enable some creative photography.

Venue & Decorations

Often, the couple, family, and friends spend hours decorating and preparing the venue. There are a lot of small details that can be captured to remember all the hard work and important details that went into your wedding. These photos are often best captured before too many people arrive at the venue to provide some great photos of the space once it is set up.

You may only want a few of these detail shots and may have a few more you would like to add. If you want any of these, I recommend adding 15 - 30 minutes at the very beginning of the photography timeline to allow your photographer to capture these detailed shots. It’s best to get the Venue & Decoration shots before guests arrive so they are not in the photos or videos.