Getting Ready photos tends to be very polarizing in the industry with either the couple really wanting them, or being uninterested in them. The decision of capturing getting ready photos probably rests on the setting of where and how you are getting ready. If you are getting ready in a small space without great lighting, you’re probably not as interested in capturing that moment. If you are getting ready in your house, a suite, or a place special to you, getting ready photos are probably of great interest to you. At the end of the day, the decision is up to you.

I recommend to couples that are on a fence about whether to have photography and/or videography getting ready coverage, if you find room in your budget, absolutely do it. Getting Ready is a part of the wedding and time you are spending with friends and family leading up to the big ceremony. These are great, memorable moments that while they may not seem big before the wedding, are special when looking back on your wedding day. From my experience, couples who include getting ready coverage in their day do not regret it after the fact.

Here are a few examples of Getting Ready Photos:

Hair & Makeup

One of the most time-consuming parts of getting ready is getting the hair and make-up just right. Since only one person is usually getting their hair and makeup done at a time, it does provide some great downtime for the wedding party to relax and have some fun, as well as a great opportunity for capturing some candid moments.


Letter Exchange

Letter exchanges between the couple are very common and provide a very emotional moment.  Capturing these moments can often bring back the emotions being felt at that time and how much love exists between the couple.

Wedding Party Getting Ready

Completing the final touches of your wedding should not be stressful.  At this point, everyone should be relaxing and having a great time.  These moments make for some fun photo opportunities before the ceremony.

Getting Dressed

Once the moment approaches, putting on the wedding dress/suit is a big moment. It can be made extra special by having those close to you finish those little details of zipping up the dress, pinning the veil on, slipping into your shoes, tying the tie, and folding the pocket square.  

The time dedicated to Getting Ready coverage greatly varies depending on the events of your day.  Some people get ready in 15 minutes and that’s all the coverage they need.  Others make a bigger deal of it and take hours to get ready and make it a party before the wedding.  Depending on the atmosphere you want while getting ready will depend on how much time you dedicate and will determine how much media coverage you will need.