Wedding Photography

The Big Day

Wedding Photography is my specialty and favorite type of photography. The excitement of the day, the joy of the couple, family, and friends is an atmosphere I cannot get enough of. I love helping couples capture their special day and making the photography part of their wedding easy and fun.

While capturing photos of your wedding day is important to help remember it for years to come, it's still not the reason you are getting everyone together. I believe a wedding should be a wedding, not a photoshoot.

Wedding Videography

Wedding Videography is becoming more common for modern weddings, and while I do not do videography myself, I wanted to make it easy for customers of mine to also book a videographer.


To do this, I have partnered with videographers who have the same goals and style as me. This allows my customers to book both their photography and videography through Moede Photography, prevents doing double research, contacting another vendor, scheduling time to discuss details, or worrying about another contract and payment schedule. Let me take care of the logistics by booking both services through me and get a great photo and video coverage of your wedding.

Lexie & Alex

Together, Lexie and Alex make a great pair of videographers to capture your wedding. They have years of experience working together and I absolutely love working with them both. You, as well as your family and friends, will hardly know they are there, and if you do, will be greeted with a smile.

Lexie and Alex are available for both half-day and full-day video coverage.


While a solo videographer, Scott does an amazing job covering weddings. I would describe Scott as the ninja of videography. He's invisible and sneaky about the video he takes during the wedding so you don't even know he was there and once you see the edited video, you're shocked by how he captured those moments without being in the way.

Due to Scott traveling, he is only available for full-day video coverage.